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[05 Mar 2005|10:04am]
NEW LJ! kristilyzed
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so freakin pissed! [04 Mar 2005|08:28pm]
As you know i've been thinking of a new screename for the longest...and i finally found the perfect one..."KristiLyzed"...yeah well someone has it! Sucks to be me. Now i have to think of another one...which sucks! Anyone have any ideas for me??
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[04 Mar 2005|03:41pm]
Well unfortunately, my BIC letter has not come in yet...I am still waiting for that. Maybe it is taking longer because I talked to Ms. Nutt a while after everyone else did? I do not know, but I think it should at least come by the end of next week...considering that she said I would know in one week (which should be Tuesday of next week) so we shall see. Anyway, my mom called me to tell me about the mail I have recieved. I got a letter from the Hamman Foundation telling me that I have been invited to an interview for their scholarship. In a way this is exciting, and then in a way it isn't. I mean i'm happy that i'm a step closer but then, i'm scared because the last scholarship interview i did (Delta), i thought i really did good and then they tell me that I didn't have enough financial need. It's like, why did you make me go that far if you knew you weren't going to pick me in the first place! Ya know? I think they should look at all that when they are reviewing the application, and then based on that they choose the people from the interview. So i really don't get it. But hopefully i'll get some money soon from all these fifty-million scholarships i'm applying too! Shoot, all the time i had to set aside to do this, i should get something! Man i'm going to treat myself to some skittles!
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kicked my butt! [04 Mar 2005|12:26pm]
Well, i just got work about 10 min ago, and i'm sitting at my desk eating my chicken ceasar salad (that i got from alonti's) and some garlic bread...yumm! I've been trying to find a place with good salads for a long time...Alonti's is it! I could eat this everyday...but then i'd get bored with it, and it's only 5 bucks! Thats good, because the salads at cresent city are overly priced even though they look good! Anyway, the Khumba House people came to my dance class again today for the last time...yeah kicked my assets! But it was alot of fun, i was "gettin' it". I'm going to find out if they offer classes, because that would really get me in shape, and then i'll have something to do that summer before school starts! That would be awesome! I'd be all toned and stuff! haha bitches! Anyway, my mom seriously "hulled" me! She's out of town in oklahoma and i have no way to get home (gary can't come pick me up because he has to pick up his siter or something...). Anyway, so i called her and this is how it went:

Me: Mama, did you find a way for me to get home?
Mom: Yeah
Me: So...what do i do? Who is coming to pick me up?
Mom: Oh just find Fannin street and get on the 30 bus!
Me: So, where is Fannin?
Mom: Umm i think it's 4 blocks from your building
Me: Four blocks from what way?
Mom: I dunno
Me: So i'm supposed to walk around downtown and find the 30 bus?
Mom: basically u can do it, get on mapquest or something
Me: Mom, Mapquest gives driving directions
Mom: Oh, well i dont know!
Me: whatever bye!

So if you ghear about me on the news getting kidnapped and raped by some crazy person downtown in a dark alley, dont be surprised!
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Parents! [04 Mar 2005|06:53am]
Ok my mom is going out of town today. Why do i have a problem with that, you ask? Well for starters, i won't have a ride home from work today. See my mom is sooooooo stuck on her boyfriend that she doesn't care about anything else. If he's like "lets go to Oklahoma" she's like "ok", if he said "lets go to africa tonight" she's like "ok sure" and if he was like "make your kids go live with their dad", i bet she'd say "ok". The problem with that is, she doesn't think about anything else...she's just so "gung-ho" about going! So when i asked her "mom how am i going to get home today?" she's like "oh i dunno, find a ride!" WHAT KIND OF STUFF IS THAT?
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so much to do! [03 Mar 2005|10:22pm]
Well i practically can't do anything this weekend...not like i was going to do anything anyway! But here is my to-do list for the weekend.

1. Complete and send off galleria scholarship
2. Complete livestock show and rodeo scholarship

those are the only 2 major things i have to do! Hopefully i can get them done and stay off the computer. Oh i have to go by the registars office and see if Mr. White will fill out that box for me...i hate that i'm such a procrastinator...senior year is so stressful! I live for deadlines! It's crazy!

Still waiting on my BIC letter!
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Wrecked them boys! [03 Mar 2005|12:30pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I'm at work now. I wrote this entry in my co-op class, but then i pressed one button and the whole thing was erased, so I gave up. Right now i'm very hungry, but since my family is poor and we have no money ...i can't eat. Luckily, the candy-man (Charles) brought me some candy so i'm munching on that, it's all i have and all i will eat until i get home (hopefully my mom bought us something). I'm really not supposed to be in until 1 but I dont have anything to do until then. Anyway, I did my Maya Angelou presentation in English today. I seriously did extremely well, and I left everyone saying "OMG!!", "wHOA!" haha you know me (just like 10th grade year). The only bad thing is that I went first out of all the presenations...so now everyone is going to be trying to do better than I am..since they have seen one of the best already! Gary told me I shouldn't care, but it's kind of hard for me not to care, i'm too competitive and I always want to be the best when it comes to school work and dancing (things like that!). But I must say, I really did set the bar pretty high for those people who are trying to get a 100!

Mallory S. got her acceptance letter into the BIC!!! I'm so happy for her (even though if it weren't for me, she wouldn't even know what it was...i still don't think she knows exactly what it is...she just wants to stay in memorial). That would be really messed up if I didn't get in though. But hopefully it won't be long before I get my letter. As soon as I get it, i'm going to fill out both my housing applications (general and the one for HLLC...something like that). You have the write 2 short answers (100 words or less) on the Honors College one, so i'm going to do that today...so that if I do get in (and i'm being optimistic here), I won't be surprised and I can go ahead and submit it.

Yesterday we went to TSU, it was pretty fun (for going to TSU of course, still wouldn't think about going there). We sat inside a Small Business class (with juniors and seniors) and helped them design a website for their small e-textbook business...my group did really good! We had this really smart asian guy who knows alot of tech. stuff...and then we had to get in front of the class and present it. TSU is no different from high school, the teachers or just a little meaner! After that, we ate Jason's Deli and listened to some students tell us about their experience and they also gave us alot of advice. Even though i'm not going to TSU, I still listened because the information can be relevant even if you don't go to that school in the fall. Few people realized that and they were being ignorant, immature, and just plain rude! But then again, I have to remember that everyone doesn't think like me!

Enough for now!

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boredom! [01 Mar 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm so bored. I just realized that I need to tell my supervisor that i'm going to start working from 1 to 5 again...because i'll be damned if i have to come up here at 12:30 everyday only to leave at 5 (even though it's not like i really eat anything anyway). Tomorrow we're going to TSU for that co-op field-trip. I really wish I could stay up there and chill in Gary's dorm...but the odds of that happening are slim. Plus, he's a got all this make-up work to do since he's been in the hospital. I'd only be getting in the way. Well tonight i'm going to work on my poster for my extra credit assignment (since i know i'm not going to want to do it tomorrow night because of Top Model) and i'll also work on memorizing the poem...i have it memorized for the most part...i just need to practice it the way i'm going to do it. Ooooh dramatic! I could be an actres...not! Well today my counselor gave me the packet for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarships, but i'm way ahead of her, I already printed them off on the net. Man I really hope I get some scholarship money!

Oh I found out that i'm going to get my income-tax check either saturday or monday..good deal! So then I can send in my deposit and apply for housing and everying. Yeah I know i'm kind of late with it, but we're poor. And I have been depending on this check (which will only be $387) to pay for the deposit, and for my ACT registration...I'm probably going to end up paying the late fee since I know my mom is going to trip over paying it...so i'll be left with $40 something to save! Sucks to be me but thats just how it is. So on my housing app. i'm going to put Collins, N Russell, and Kokernot (in that order) for my choices...although i'm hoping to get into the BIC and get approved for living in Memorial...that would be so nice! But if not, I really don't care which dorm I end of staying in...they all basically have the same things anyway! Bleh, i'm so ready for this school year to be over with! I think that to myself almost every single day! I can't wait for the summer to get here...July (because I have to work in June)!!! Man all i'll have to worry about it going to Orientation, going to a Line Camp, and shopping for all my college stuff! Man i can't wait to do that!!!!

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Show Me The Money!!! [01 Mar 2005|11:38am]
[ mood | bored ]

Right now i'm in Co-op class, doing nothing! I just finished talking to Ms. Nutt, she was really nice...she didn't really tell me anything i didn't know, other than the fact that just because you're in the BIC program you aren't guarenteed housing in the Memorial dorm. You have to fill out a different application and it has to be reviewed by a comittee and then they determine if you should live there are not, thats gay! Anyway, me and my mother were thinking of ways in which i can raise money for college. We decided that we're going to have a yard sell at Angela house (in a good neighborhood) and we're going to have BBQ, candy, pickles, and a whole bunch of stuff (for sale of course). Also, we're going to buy something off of EBAY and raffle it, and sell the raffle tickets for $5 each. We're only going to appeal to people at her job and my job...i know if i tell them i am raising money for college they will help me out! If anyone has any other ideas, let me know!

Well off to work!

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eh, i'm tired! [28 Feb 2005|11:00pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So i just finished another one of Mrs. Schweitzer's bullshit-ass essays! I swear that lady can come up with the most random topics to write about! Anyway i'm half-way done with the Process Analysis paper, i now have to type up my rough draft and then revise it (because i have to turn both copies in). We were supposed to write about something we are good at, and i wrote about "how to choreograph a dance", it's the only thing i could think of that i'm good at and that i can explain without using movements. Candance told me she wrote about making a bed...thats so funny! You're supposed to write about something you're good at that others might not be good at too, not something that almost everyone does on a regular basis (well at least i do). Anyway, the worst is over...i wrote the stuff so it shouldn't take me long to type it and revise it. Then tomorrow night i'm going to focus on working on my extra credit assignment which i have to do thursday where i'm going to recite the poem "Still I rise" by Maya Angelou, hand out some crossword puzzles i made on puzzle-maker.com (my interactive portion of the presentation) and proceed to talk about her life, accomplishments...all that jazz! Man i'm such an overachiever...it's crazy! Knowing that i dont need extra credit in this lady's class...i still bust my ass to do extra stuff...i'll never understand myself. Anyway, Top Model starts Wed. and i know that i'm not going to want to do anything that night! lol. Sad, but true.

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[28 Feb 2005|08:57pm]
[ mood | confused ]

my head hurts, i have alot of work to finish but i can't think! this is horrible! i hate high school...they give us alot of bullshit assignments! it's crazy!

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i'm fat! [28 Feb 2005|06:18pm]
Man i need to go on a diet

but i dont know how to diet

oh well, i'll just start starving myself starting tomorrow

who's with me?
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lets see...where should i start? [28 Feb 2005|04:48pm]
Yesterday I was on the phone with Jamese (from Baylor) for like 2 hours! I aksed her about a million questions, and she seemed happy to answer them. I thought i might have been getting on her nerves until she told me that it was her job to call baylor-bound high school seniors to see if baylor was still in their top 3 choices and to see if they had any questions. Well i gave her questions all right! She was so nice and she gave me her email address if i had any more questions because i know i had more, i just couldn't think of them at the time. At any rate, the status of the high school clinic is still pending...my mom hasn't decided if we can go or not, but pray that i can go! Tonight Baylor is having an Open House at Tallowood Baptist Church but I can't go because my mom doesn't feel like driving me all the way off of Gessner! Bummer!

Well, i bet you are wondering why i'm still at work huh? Well my mom decided that she isn't picking me up until 5 pm! If i would have known that, I would not have come in until 1!! Ain't that a bitch? SO i've been here since 12:00 so i can get off at 4 something, but no! Then I thought i was going to be able to come in and do some of my homework since they never have anything for me to do up here. But lo' and behold, today was the day that Don decided to give me work. I had to sit in this room and do a box inventory! So i had to sit on the floor and go through 36 boxes, highlighting this sheet as i go of everything in each box! Yeah, but what can i expect on a monday?

Gary: Man I am so behind in History, i have so much work to do!
Me: well you better do it!!
Gary: How am i going to talk to you? I'm not talkin a couple of hours worth, i'm talking a couple of days!!!
Me: Well thats okay, i underdstand...you have work to do and you gotta do it! Don't worry about me boy!

Yeah i'm a pretty understanding girlfriend i think! I know he's been in the hospital for a while so he's bound to have alot of makeup work...so if that means he isn't going to be able to talk to me so he can get ahead in life, then so be it! ::sigh::

Oh on saturday, we drove to First Colony Mall (the people i was driving with at driver's ed), i have never been there before. So we ate McDonalds and walked around the mall. I couldn't decide which stores I wanted to walk around in, so I opted for this store that I have never been inside of! It has a pretty roof on the outside...and i just never went in...Hollister, i know some of ya'll probably shop there! Anyway, i love that store!!! All the clothes are so me! lol. Did somebody say school shopping??? lol. My mom said she's going to buy the Rainbow slides for me...yes!

Well mom is here!
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so much to do... [27 Feb 2005|03:01pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

We just got home from church today; we haven't been in such a long time (bad i know, but alot has been going on). Anyway, this couple preached and although they had a really good message, they talked for a long time! That was the first time i ever listened to 2 people preach at one time, it was pretty interesting. They were really cute too. Well, i saw Gary at church today. He said his back was hurting, so i think he drove himself to the hospital after church. He came over last night since I had to watch Genny's kids; she went on the casino trip with my mom. We had a great time just acting really goofy (as always). I guess we just missed that. All in all, it was pretty fun! Now i have to get back to the work I was supposed to complete yesterday, but of course I was being lazy! So here is a list of everything i plan on doing today, hopefully i'll get through everything:

1. write my "Jennifer L. Duke Scholarship" essay
2. make flash cards for thurs. vocab test
3. revise "Jennifer L. Duke Scholarship" essay
4. Brainstorm topic for "Process Analysis" paper
5. "The Associate" questions (answer and type
6. write process anlysis paper
7. work on extra credit project on Maya Angelou
8. take ACT practice test (i'm starting my studying on tuesday)
9. revise process analysis paper

I have nothing else to do today, and i'm more than confident that i can get all this done. This is just my plan, luckily all of this stuff isnt due tomorrow. So it's not like i'm doing it at the last minute!

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Me N my Baby-boo [26 Feb 2005|05:15pm]
cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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bored out of my mind!! [26 Feb 2005|04:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So i'm sitting here, bored out of my mind!! There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to see...grr i have no life! Anyway, had to wake up at 6:00 am (like a regular day) because i had to go to driver's ed for 8...yeah it's pretty far. I didn't mind though after my mom let me drive the whole way. I did pretty good! Worked on my parallel parking and everything! The only thing that sucks though is that i have to wait until after the 8th to sign up for my driving test...yeah that sucks!! So hopefully i'll be able to practice some before then...thats up to my mom though! Anyway, me and Gary had a convo about how and why our relationship is pretty much going downhill...we're working on it though! We're just at a down in our relationship right now, hopefully we will get through it. Man i'm so tired and i have alot of homework i need to do, i have senioritis real bad!!!! I have to write a paper for Ms. Schweitzer about something i am good at...not a how-to paper but similar...and i dunno anything that i'm good at that i can express in words rather than movement...hmm i'll think of something hopefully! Then i have to study for her vocab test, work on my Maya Angelou presentation (gotta try to remember that poem, i have the first stanza memorized), gotta work on those questions over the movie "The Associate" think thats what it is called, with Whoopie??? Anyway if you've seen the movie, help me out please because i didn't pay attention...i mean no one pays attention because we dont feel we should have to do work in a co-op class but whatever! Uhm then i gotta write this 3 pg scholarship essay...bummer! There are so many scholarships out there, but there are always catches to getting them...like writing essays! Bah!! I've written so many essays during the school year (whether for class or scholarships) that its crazy! And its not like i can use the same ones over and over again! They all have different topics! Lucky me! Well my damn income tax check hasn't come in yet, i'm so freakin pissed! Oh and the nail shop fucked up my eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like one of them is messed up!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty noticeable but it's not like i'm missing one or anything...but it still makes me mad!!!!!


Damn u can tell i'm bored when i'm reading other people's past entries from like 2002!!! Interesting, but sad!

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yeah, bad day! [25 Feb 2005|04:07pm]
boys suck!

relationships aren't all they're cracked up to be!

moms are a pest!

friends dont exist!

boredom, thats the life for me! [25 Feb 2005|03:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ok so the weirdest thing just happend while i was sitting on the toilet taking a dump (yeah i put the little seat cover on the toilet, i'm not dumb!) anyway, i had just took one of my pills for cramping (Ponstel) because i realized that i'm supposed to take 3 a day (1 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and i forgot to take the lunch one, so i took it before i went to the restroom. While i was on the toilet i started coughing and i had this weird taste in my mouth. So i spit the contents out in my hand (mind you it wasn't mucus or anything liquidy...lol) and it was some rubbery yellow thing and that powdery stuff inside...yeah at the time i was like "WHAT THE HELL DID SOMEONE POISON ME, DID THAT CHICK PUT SOMETHING IN MY KOLACHE?" but then i looked at it closely and i realized that it was half of my pill...weird huh?

So anyway, today has been pretty weird!! First off, i got to school at 9:10 am (school starts at 8:30) because the bus driver wanted to cause drama! The lady is mental! She arrives at everyone's stop extra early when they aren't there...and then when someone finally comes she pulls off and tells them to go to the other stop, what kind of stuff is that? some people's parents have to be at work and can't follow the damn bus all morning. So this one girl had to get her dad to drive her to the next stop (my stop). After she stopped the bus to let the girl on, the dad got all in the bus driver's shit apprarently!!!! So i guess she got mad and called HISD police and HISD Safety so she could put the girl off the bus, then the girl's mom had to come...yeah a whole bunch of drama! My stop time is 7:12...tell me why we didn't leave the bus stop until 8 am!!!! Lord lord lord lord lord!! So now i have to makeup my Figures of Speech test monday morning for English!!! and when i walked in the classshe was explaining some weird ass assignment that i would have been able to understand had i gotten to school on time! Geez! Sucked to be me! So in co-op we did nothing but "watch" that movie (the associate). Yeah sometimes Mr. Jones tries too hard to make us do work, i mean the class is pretty pointless so i wouldn't even waste my time if i was him. That man typed up some questions about the movie and we have to turn it in next class, typed! Oh he's crazy! But whatever, you know i'm going to do it anyway!

Oh yeah i had another unfortunate incident! I don't remember if i wrote in here or not that i left my phone in Skyee's car yesterday, and i didn't feel like walking there since my stomach was hurting so i just told her to bring it to school today. Well i was like "no one calls me but Gary so its not a big deal", but nooo i get my phone today and lo' and behold i got a phone call from Ms. Tami Nutt from the BIC!!! Ain't that a bitch? Now i have to wait until next week to talk to her! Sucks to be me! Man i was soo pissed off! But i left her a message just to let her know that i got her message and i was looking forward to talking to her. So now i have to jot down some questions i can ask her...gotta think hard though because i really know alot from studying that website and asking a ton of BIC students, but i can't just act like i dont have any questions because then it will seem like i'm not interested! Eh...just great! lol.

Gary and I got into an argument last night...yeah lately it's all we've been doing, and i haven't seen him since v-day. I won't see him this weekend because he has plans all weekend and i have plans for tonight (it's Dawn's b-day, we're going to see the Madea movie and then go to pappadeaux's). So that pretty much means that we won't be spending our 8 month anniversary together (first one we haven't celebrated). Can't be mad that he has a life though, just disappointed! Last night he told me he was going to pick me up from work and now he just texted me and said that he can't...oh well! I guess i'll have to get used to not seeing him everyday when i go to college, but i really just can't take it ya know? Who knows, we might not work out, but i don't even want to think about that!!!!

bleh, i'm bored i haven't done any work today except the mail and make 2 labels!! I get paid to just sit here, and although it sounds kind of fun, it really isn't!

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woohoo! [24 Feb 2005|11:32pm]
Well i drove on I-10 today all the way to Katy Mills! Yeah i'm the shit, i know it! lol. i'm really getting the hang of this driving thing!! Anyway so then my mom let me drive HER car home...thats a once in a lifetime thing in itself because she never lets anyone drive it! She always says "i dont want to take any chances because this is all we got right now, you can drive the jeep though!" blah blah! Fuck that i drove it...bet CJ hasn't done that yet! Well finally i'm home, i can now take all the meds I want...only half kidding! Oh and about the Songleader thing...I might be able to go...i have to ask Ms. Baker if the performance is mandatory because i really dont want to miss out on the whole experience...so i'll ask her,..but knowing her, it probably is...
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[24 Feb 2005|11:30pm]
Ok so i wan't ya'll to do this!!!! Like seriously!!!

1. Tell me something obvious about you.
2. Tell me something about you that many don't know.
3. What is your biggest fear?
4. Do you normally go the safe route or take the short cut?
5. Name one thing you want that you can't buy with money.
6. What is your most treasured possession?
7. What is the one thing you hate most about yourself that you do often?
8. Tell me something sexually about you that I don't know.
9. Tell me something sexually about you that everyone knows.
10. What is your favorite lie to tell?
11. Name something you've done once that you can't wait to do again.
12. Are you the jealous type?
13. What is the one person, place or thing you can't say no to?
14. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
15. If you could do something crazy right now, what would it be?
16. When was the last time you cried?
17. When was the last time you felt so good that nothing else mattered?
18. Do you feel comfortable in public with no shirt on?
19. Name something embarrassing you did while being drunk.
20. If you post this in your journal would you like me to answer it?
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